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Small Businesses

Mascaro believes that community and business relations have a direct correlation to our effort to operate a successful business in a community. We also recognize that the building or managing of any construction project has a significant impact on employment. Our corporate policy regarding small business participation is much more than a written statement; it has real meaning in the execution of our projects.

Our use of small firms is not necessarily based on a project mandate but on a corporate policy to support the growth and development of contractors who have the work ethic, desire, and track record of willingness to be part of a quality team effort. We seek to recruit and involve small businesses in all of our projects.

To assist small businesses in procuring work with Mascaro, we have designated Kathy Agostino as our small business coordinator.  In addition to her role as the estimating coordinator for the buildings group, Kathy is very active in attending workshops, events, and fairs promoting Mascaro’s involvement with small and disadvantaged businesses.  Her background includes completion of the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Liaison Officer training program and involvement with numerous trade organizations and small business groups. Consequently, she is familiar with numerous federal, state, and local small business registration procedures.  Recently, she was inducted into the MWDBE Hall of Fame for her contributions to the small business community.

In an effort to maximize involvement of small businesses, we use various vehicles to inform relevant businesses of opportunities we have to team together.  They include:

  • Networking events;
  • Mentor/Protégé programs;
  • Placing notices in construction-related small businesses publications and trade organizations;
  •  Contacting business trade and development organizations;
  • Placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines;
  • Speaking at conferences and fairs
  • Working with outside diversity coordinators to assist in the process of meeting or exceeding the required project goals.

To find out how you can be added to our database for future solicitations, please email us.