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Our collective mission for Safety Week 2017 is to partner together in:

  • Thanking our workers for supporting safety and recognizing their efforts to be injury free
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of being committed to safety, every day
  • Inspiring all of us to share best practices and to work together to strengthen the Western Pennsylvania region’s safety culture
  • Empowering employees to take an active role in the Zero Incident process
  • Conducting on-site safety awareness activities to support education

Monday, May 1

Health and Wellness: Stretch and Flex-All trades
Welcome meeting, brief topic on Fatigue Management – electrolyte packet and protein bar distributed

 Tuesday, May 2

Educate: Hand and Finger Injury Prevention
Family PPE bag distribution

  Wednesday, May 3

Project Specific Trend Inspections

Thursday, May 4 Engagement: How “Risk Tolerance” affects employee decision making.
Projects – Employee Feedback Card
Corporate – Subcontractor Safety Forum
 Friday, May 5  OSHA: National Fall Protection Stand Down
Feedback card based raffle