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Self-Performance Image of Pouring Concrete

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Using BIM technology on jobsite

Delivery Method IconDELIVERY METHODS
Depending on the owner’s needs, Mascaro can provide the following delivery methods to meet the project’s requirements: Construction Manager at Risk (CMr), Design-Build (D/B), Construction Management Agency (CMa), General Contracting (GC), and Trade Contracting (Trade).

Project Approach IconPROJECT APPROACH
Mascaro boasts a strong, proven history of engaging clients in a collaborative approach to projects. Stressing the values of collaboration and a team-first mentality allows all parties to check their egos at the door building a high level of trust. When trust is high, production increases, and costs decrease. This results in the project being completed successfully with positive experiences for everyone involved.

Planning and Project Execution PLANNING AND

Our mantra is to “plan the work and work the plan”. Using Primavera scheduling software and the expertise of our staff, we generate custom CPM schedules for each project using a precedence diagram method. The project schedules emphasize real durations, accurate logic, and an appropriate level of detail so that all activities are represented and tracked providing the team with an additional benefit.

Icon for Client Servies including ruler and pencilCLIENT SERVICES
Mascaro has a specific division dedicated to working on projects with construction budgets under 5 million dollars. These projects range from smaller new construction projects to renovations and usually operate under a fast-paced schedule. While these projects have smaller budgets, Mascaro implements the same standards of quality and safety while striving to deliver a great experience for the client.

Safety IconSAFETY
Safety is an integral part of our company’s culture. Mascaro utilizes its developed processes, training, and site-specific safety plan to hold all parties accountable for safety. Our employees take an active role in the prevention of incidents and the protection of our environment.

Quality Icon QUALITY
Quality begins before construction even begins. 
Quality in construction is not something that is just created; quality must be inherent in the design to be achieved in the field. Therefore, quality control and quality assurance activities are discussed, planned for, and incorporated into a Site-Specific Quality Control Plan (SSQCP) in preconstruction and carried through the project.

Sustainability Icon SUSTAINABILITY
Sustainable development is a concept that Mascaro has supported for over 30 years since completing the Heinz Family Foundation office, one of the first “green buildings” in the area.  Our expertise in sustainable construction includes over 8.5 millions square feet of LEED® recognized projects and 27 LEED® certified professionals.  For 14 consecutive years, Mascaro has made Engineering News-Record’s Top 100 Green Contractors, ranking #71 in 2021.

Additional Value Icon ADDITIONAL VALUE
With a depth of experience in various construction markets, Mascaro can provide additional services that improve the project’s performance and provide the owner with a competitive cost and schedule.  These include preconstruction, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), building information modeling, fast-tracked construction, self-performance capabilities, and LEED documentation.