Mascaro believes that community and business relations have a direct correlation to our effort to operate a successful business in a community.  We also recognize that the building or managing of any construction project has a significant impact on employment.  Our corporate policy regarding small and disadvantaged business participation is much more than a written statement; it has real meaning in the execution of our projects. 

We make a good faith effort to recruit and involve small and disadvantaged businesses in all of our projects.  Mascaro is committed to the utilization of small and disadvantaged business subcontractors and suppliers without sacrificing the quality of the work, time or cost to our clients.

Our commitment to the utilization of small and disadvantaged businesses is shown by our dedication of an individual to this effort.  Gretchen Mummert is Mascaro’s DBE coordinator and is primarily involved in the solicitation of small and disadvantaged businesses for all our procurement projects.  Gretchen is familiar with federal, state, and local small and disadvantaged business registration procedures.  She maintains Mascaro’s small and disadvantaged business database, which currently contains more than 400 firms and identifies their current registration status, scope of work, and contact information. Gretchen actively promotes small and disadvantaged business involvement in all Mascaro projects by attending workshops, minority fairs, and other small business events.  

We maximize our efforts by participating in the following:

  • Networking events
  • Mentor/Protégé programs
  • Utilizing publications and trade organizations that target construction-related small and disadvantaged businesses
  • Contacting business trade and development organizations
  • Placing ads in newspapers and magazines
  • Conferences and fairs
  • Working with outside diversity coordinators to assist in the process of meeting or exceeding the required project goals