Project Details

The new clinic features an ambulatory care clinic, lab specimen collection, dental facility, pharmacy, canteen, coffee shop, retail space, audiology and speech pathology, educational facilities, PALMS, physical medicine and rehab services, prosthetics and sensory aids, radiology/cardiovascular/pulmonary, SPD, specialty clinics, and voluntary services. 

  • New construction
  • 245,000 square feet
  • 21 months of construction
  • LEED® Silver 
  • Construction manager at risk

Location: Butler, Pennsylvania

Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Construction & Facilities Mgmt

Client Testimonial

“Mascaro’s leaders kept a positive attitude of work and responsibility on the site which inspired everyone to want to outshine the person beside them.”

T. Michael Scott, President, Cambridge Healthcare Solutions, PA LP

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Project Characteristics

Sustainable, Civil, Concrete

Project Characteristics

Delivery Method, Concrete, Military, Civil