Project Details

The first new residential high rise in downtown in over 35 years contains 5,268 square feet of retail space, with the top floors providing residential living space for 151 units.  The at-grade parking garage supports tenants and penthouse units by providing 20 on-site parking spaces.   

  • New construction
  • 208,000 square feet
  • 19 months
  • LEED® Certified
  • Construction manager at risk

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Owner: The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Mascaro Advantage

A detailed logistics plan was developed during the preconstruction phase to address the constricted site, limited laydown and staging areas, and day-to-day traffic congestion with the location of the new building.  Surrounding businesses also had to be considered during the development of the logistics since the alleyway had to be opened from 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. for deliveries to the neighboring business and the driveway to the adjacent parking garage had to be kept open. Since Mascaro had constructed numerous other projects in downtown Pittsburgh, the project team was able to address these issues well before construction started and minimize the impact these conditions could have on the project.

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Project Characteristics

Location, Parking, Concrete

Project Characteristics

Sports, Sustainable, Concrete