Project Details

The new central utility building provides all the chilled water for the hospital main campus including the addition of 280,000-square-foot expansion to St. Clair Hospital’s main campus. Built on a hill, the building’s foundations include 40 caissons (depth of 25 feet) and various spread footers. Four underground fuel tanks were removed and replaced with a 15,000-gallon above-ground storage tank and three 400-gallon day tanks. The interior of the building includes utility, shop/work room, and toilet rooms. Equipment installation includes three 2,000 kW diesel generators, paralleling switchgear, 5kV switchgear, power center, three 1,500-ton chillers, one 500-ton chiller, five cooling towers, and air handling unit, pumps, and fuel oil tanks.  

  • Addition
  • 9,500 square-foot
  • 21 months
  • General contractor

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Owner: St. Clair Hospital

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Project Characteristics

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Project Characteristics

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