Construction is diverse in its positions and people ... there are people who are  part of the field operations team building projects, others who support field operations on multiple projects, and others who work in the office and provide corporate support to all departments.  Click on the title and names below to hear their story on why they chose construction and how it can benefit you.

Field Positions

Project Manager – Chris Olivo.  Chris enjoyed being outside and playing team sports and found that construction offered the same benefits.  He explains what a project manager does and the endless opportunities in construction. 

Superintendent - Joe Armbruster.  Joe’s first career choice was not construction, and he discusses how he transitioned to construction and the Carpenters union. He talks about his responsibilities on the job and offers advice for anyone looking at a career in construction.

Carpenter Apprentice - Cody Gallagher.  Cody talks about why he joined the Carpenters union, what to expect during the application process, and what you need to learn to advance your career.  He also discusses his experience working on the jobsites and the benefits he enjoys now. 

Field Operations Support Positions

Quality Director - Scott Metzger.  Scott provides insight as to how he transitioned from a teaching career to construction, and then moved into a quality control role. He talks about the importance of trying to improve yourself and grow your career path.

Senior Estimator – Dave DeChicchis.  Dave speaks about his family’s history in construction and how he got interested in construction estimating.  He touches on the challenging part of being an estimator and its benefits, and how someone can get into construction estimating.

Project Engineer  – Corey Watts.  Corey was introduced to construction through a family friend after leaving the military academy and found out he had a passion for the industry.  He offers his perspective on how construction can provide a great foundation for whatever career path a person may take. 

Project Administrator – Tami Muckle.  Tami touches on why she fell in love with the construction industry and how technology has evolved over the years. She talks about opportunities to work on the jobsites, the many roles in construction, and how to get on-the-job-training.  

Project Accountant – Morgan Covey.  Morgan talks about how she got into construction, what a project accountant does, and why she likes being part of the support team. She also offers her thoughts on why someone should consider a career in construction.

Corporate Support Positions

Client Development – Chris Schweiger.  Chris graduated with an environmental science degree and eventually shifted his career path to construction sales (client development). He talks about what makes construction special, the importance of developing a network of contacts, and job opportunities in construction. 

Director Marketing – Kristina Falvo.  Kristina discusses the role of a marketing person in construction, how it’s different every day, and the support the marketing team provides the company. She talks about the pride associated with projects built by Mascaro and the many other opportunities in the industry.

Director Human Resources - Jamie Gildersleeve.  Jamie gives you an overview of what human resources does and how it’s rewarding to help people navigate various career challenges.  She provides advice on how to navigate your future career, including how to create your own path.